The Greatest Wealth In Life Is Health!!

Nurse Parker  
Howdy! My name is Elizabeth Parker and
welcome to my nurses page! I have been a nurse
for about 20 years. With all my experience
working in school settings , home health's and
in TB clinic's. My favorite of them all, is working
with children of all ages! This nurse is very
excited to be a part of the Jensen Elementary
staff. As the school nurse my responsibilities
are helping the school staff keep your child
safe and healthy during the school year.
Help enforce healthy habits by teaching
your child the importance of washing
their hands! Please keep me informed
of any health issues that might
affect your child's experience at school.
   "You cannot educate a child
who is not healthy, and you
cannot keep a child healthy
who is not educated"
- United States Surgeon General
 Nurse: Elizabeth Parker
(956)580-5252 ext 2430