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UIL at Jessie L. Jensen is a serious extra curricular event. We have an array of events that students from 2nd-6th grade can participate in. Some of the events include creative writing, storytelling, number sense, dictionary skills, maps charts and graphs, listening, art smart, music memory, and oral reading. These are but a few of the interesting events available for our students. Our students participate in two invitational meets, an intra-district and final district meet. These competitions are held on Saturdays. These events provide an enlightening lifetime experience and the children learn the positive side of competition, socialize with other team members and acquire on-hand experience on oral presentations, timed presentations, and the overall UIL experience.
In UIL all students are winners for participating in an event that will enhance their school and district outcome. The UIL experience brings out pride for our school and our district when we all join in the effort.
Laura Ocon,
UIL Coordinator