Link Library

 Pearson Math
This website is available for students to complete assignment and for extra math practice.

Spell City

This website is a great way to practice our weekly spelling words. With online games and tests it will help you earn that A you want!


Thinkfinity is the cornerstone of Verizon Foundation's literacy, education and technology initiatives.  Their goal is to improve student achievement.


Star Fall provides a free reading service to any person with internet access. Starfall's interactive approach and colorful graphics grasps the attention of the beginner reader. We often use Starfall in tutoring as a way to make learning how to read fun, interactive, and effective.


Fun Brain

Like it says in the title, Fun Brain is an exciting interactive site which allows students to improve their reading and math skills. offers a variety of arcade games which are suitable for elementary students.  The website also offers free web books & comics.


Brain Pop

Brain Pop is an innovative website which is divided into the seven primary academic subjects. The websites interactive approach allows students to easily comprehend complex concepts. Brain Pop also focuses on current events whether it be a Presidential Election or the Super Bowl.


Crayola offers a variety of options for students, parents, & teachers.  This webpage contains coloring activities, arts & crafts, as well as a section designated for parents.