Campus & Classroom Expectations



                                              CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS

                      1. Be on time and prepared with all materials to all classes every day
                      2. Complete all assignments on time and neatly including homework
                      3. Always ask for help when needed and participate
                      4. Speak in a respectful manner to all staff members, teachers, and classmates

                                         CLASSROOM RULES

                                       1. Always be respectful and use appropriate language
                                       2. Be in best behavior in all areas of the campus
                                       3. Best behavior at ALL times in the classroom
                                       4. Always be honest and accountable for your actions
                                       5. Follow dress code
                                       6. Electronic devices are to be used only when allowed
                                       7. Follow directions the first time they are given 

Happy faces- Excellent
2 or more sad faces- Satisfactory
3 or more sad faces- Needs Improvement
4 or more sad faces- Unsatisfactory

        CONSEQUENCES                                                      REWARDS
        1. Verbal warning                                                             1. Weekly raffle
        2. Point deducted                                                     2. Free choice time
        3. Point deducted and Parent Contact                                     3. No homework Pass
        4. Point deducted, Parent Contact, and Detention             4. Playground time
        5. Referred to administration                                                           5. Electronics Time


 In the event that a student chooses to use extreme                                                     behavior, he/she will be referred to an administrator.