Miranda, Nohemi

Welcome to the Jessie L. Jensen 2016 - 2017 Pre-Kinder page!

We are on target! Great! We count with our parent's support! Kids are learning, let's keep up with the extraordinary work!
 Let's learn together!

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Please be sure your child arrives on time and attends class everyday. 
Por favor traiga a su hijo(a) a tiempo y a diario a la escuela. 
 Dear Parents,
Thank you for being enthusiastic about our small classroom library. Please return the books as your student finishes reading them. Thanks for your support!
N. Miranda 
Pre-K Teacher
Estimados Padres, 
Gracias por el entusiasmo con respecto a nuestra pequena bibioteca de la clase. Se les pide cordiamente que retornen los libros conforme sus hijos(as) los vayan leyendo. 
Gracias por su apoyo. 
N. Miranda 
Pre-K Teacher