Homework Expectations

Homework Expectations

Homework is to be completed daily in Reading, Math, and Spelling. Information on homework assignments can be found on the monthly homework calendar.

Reading & Spelling:
*Read 20 minutes each night. Write it on the reading log.
*Choose 2 questions per week to answer on the reading log.
*Parent must sign weekly to earn credit for reading & spelling homework completion.

*Refer to monthly homework calendar for daily lesson from the Daily TEKS Review Workbook. 

•Any assignment not finished in class may be sent home as homework.
•No Homework?
1st time-Student will lose recess. A note will be documented in the student planner.
2nd time-Student will lose recess and parent contact will be made.
3rd and each subsequent time- Student will lose recess, parent will be notified, and 1 conduct point will be deducted for each missing assignment.  
•Homework should be checked for completion every night before signing off on it (sign on the homework calendar checklist).  

*Parent contact can be made by a comment in the student planner, a Remind 101 notification, email, or a phone call.