Parent Newsletters

Parent Newsletters

1. Make a plan for the future. Help your protégé set attainable short, mid-range and long-term goals. Show the child how to steer his or her own life by consciously planning for the future.


2. Provide a strong example. The old adage 'monkey see, monkey do' has merit. You cannot teach a child to behave as a responsible citizen unless you are one. Don't try to keep illicit activity secret from your mentee; children are remarkably receptive. Always be the type of person you would be proud to have your mentee duplicate.


3. Help the child make responsible choices. When the child is faced with a problem, point out possible solutions and the ramifications of each choice. A good mentor teaches a mentee to appreciate a cause and effect approach to decision making.

4. Know when to step back. As the mentee grows, a wise mentor learns to simply guide, rather than lead the way. When you learn that your protégé is ready, hand over the reins.


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